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Chef Rick Receives Award for Contributions to City of Santa Ana

Why Chef Rick Recieved a Certificate of Recognition

Mayor Pro Tem Lopez, of Santa Ana, California personally reached out to Chef Rick after trying his amazing Santa Ana Sweets at the grand opening of Farmers and Merchants Bank in Santa Ana. Mayor Lopez wanted to know if Chef Rick would be interested in receiving a certificate of recognition for the contributions he and his businesses have provided to the community of Santa Ana. The certificate will be presented by Mayor Pro Tem Lopez of Santa Ana, at a special ceremony held at City Hall, on Monday, March 10th at 1 PM. The ceremony will be open to the public and media.

Over the years, Chef Rick and Santa Ana Sweets have become an integral part of the Santa Ana community. Chef Rick is known for his passion for cooking, and his commitment to using only the finest ingredients in all of his creations. The small batch kitchen, specializing in handcrafted chocolate-covered caramels, has become a local Orange County staple.

In addition to their delicious treats, Chef Rick and Santa Ana Sweets have been involved in a number of community events that directly benefit local non-profit organizations, volunteering his time preparing and providing gift baskets filled with the Santa Ana Sweets.

“We are honored to receive this certificate of recognition from the city of Santa Ana,” said Chef Rick. “Santa Ana has been our home for many years, and we are honored to be a part of this community. We are committed to continuing to provide the best possible service to our customers, while also giving back to the community in any way we can.”
The certificate of recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, commitment, and positive impact Chef Rick and Santa Ana Sweets has had on the City of Santa Ana. As Chef Rick continues to grow and expand the business, he will continue to remain committed to his roots and to the community that has supported him over the years.

Video Transcript

so I’m really excited because Santa Ana Suites has been a big part of Santa Ana and so happy to be here get recognized from the city that we represent right here in our caramels hey I’m Chef Rick and with Santa Ana Suites we’re here at the City Hall giving you some recognition from mayor Lopez for everything we do for the city the things this kid works other thing is delicious caramels at the mayor left so we’re excited to be here so I named him and sweets because we live in a house built Circa 1885 in Santa Ana that’s just beautiful we raise our kids there they’re 23 years and just love Santa Ana it’s a great place to be great place to hang out downtown Santa Ana is it’s getting better and better every year

I’m Rick [Music]

this is awesome in a presentation this is why when you work hard it takes on right the hustling free


so and you know you having a connection to the city the name of the company I just think it’s really sweet nobody in time yet um and thoughtful and so we just always love recognizing folks that do whatever they can to give back and I know listening to you you do a lot of that here for our residents so we just really appreciate it

you know or for working for all of us and I think it’s I think it’s great as well

I’m sure it worked long hours like all of us so I get it yeah exactly yeah after being a teacher that’s crazy I even work on school last week

I know cool yeah no this is exciting I hope you I mean I’m definitely gonna enjoy these I’m just gonna try to make it last so not do that I know right

what’s up everybody just Chef Chris one is Jeff Rick and the team okay

where is it

yeah [Music]

there it is there it is

Happy motivation of money


all right


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